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I Would like to share my story. I’m a psychotherapist and recently decided to get married. As the time grew nearer due to a number of different family dynamics that started to appear I began to get high levels of anxiety. I know CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and how to use it and the theory behind it however I was struggling to sleep and definitely struggling to relax.

I found Everybudy by chance and Hampton court winter fair and bought some gummies to try to see if they helped. They really did but what then happened is the real reason on why I’m writing this. I ordered more to see me through the big day but due to postal strikes we were unsure they would arrive on time.
The team at Everybudy were amazing, they put together a free of charge package and arranged a close spot for my partner to collect them for me. The Gummies are not magic cures but are very helpful and the staff are amazing. If you have a real problem with sleep or anxiety talk to the Everybudy team. I can honestly say they are very special people.

We prefer the personal touch, call us for support and tailored advice on 07534 115818
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