Once upon a time we were Green Active - now we welcome you to Every Budy!

How It All Began

Every Story has an Origin…..

Our started with 2 people that simply wanted to feel themselves again.
Mel had suffered for years with poor sleep and Jo had lived with anxiety for longer than he could remember.
Both had gone down the traditional routes to find help but nothing that was offered felt sustainable in the long run. Then a friend recommended they try CBD.

It was a game changer.

This was the first time they had felt relief in a LONG time and they were getting it from something that fit their world view – natural and sustainable.
They both then dedicated themselves to reaching as many people as possible with this life changing gift from nature.

This is how Every Budy was born.

However they quickly realised there was a big issue in the CBD space.

When Mel and Jo started taking CBD they were left to figure it out for themselves – no support and no guidance.
They knew this needed to be different for everyone else. That’s why we don’t have customers, we have Every Buddies!

Part of what makes Every Budy so special is the 1-1 aftercare that is provided after each product leaves us.

No more being left on your own to ‘figure it out’. Each person that comes to us gets incorporated into our family as an Every Buddie! You will receive tailored advice to support your CBD journey and we will always just be a message away when you need us.


Our Mission?

To empower people to feel themselves again using nothing but nature.

Mel and Jo
Did You Know? Originally Every Budy started under a different name – Green Active.  From a humble market stall in Spitalfields that we still have to this day.
London Olympia Stall
London Olympia Stall
We prefer the personal touch, call us for support and tailored advice on 07534 115818
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