Once upon a time we were Green Active - now we welcome you to Every Budy!

We are blessed almost daily with beautiful success stories from our community, our Every Buddies!

Here you will read some of their stories with CBD and get to learn the impact this natural product has on people’s lives.



Every Budy customer since Dec 2022

I Would like to share my story. I’m a psychotherapist and recently decided to get married. As the time grew nearer due to a number of different family dynamics that started to appear I began to get high levels of anxiety. I know CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and how to use it and the theory behind it however I was struggling to sleep and definitely struggling to relax.

I found Everybudy by chance and Hampton court winter fair and bought some gummies to try to see if they helped. They really did but what then happened is the real reason on why I’m writing this. I ordered more to see me through the big day but due to postal strikes we were unsure they would arrive on time.
The team at Everybudy were amazing, they put together a free of charge package and arranged a close spot for my partner to collect them for me. The Gummies are not magic cures but are very helpful and the staff are amazing. If you have a real problem with sleep or anxiety talk to the Everybudy team. I can honestly say they are very special people.


Every Budy Customer since Feb 2020

I was so sceptical about CBD in the beginning! But here I am 3 years later and pleased to tell you a bit about it. Being a woman of a certain age and going from a solid 8hrs sleep to barely 5 a night was running my life (and my hubbys!) I had tried different things like breathing and tapes as I didn’t want to take medication. I think I thought of CBD in the same way to be honest. But a friend had recommended I tried it so for some reason I did!
Wow. I think I was a lucky 1 as I was getting deeper sleep within a few days. It was life changing. I definitely felt less snappy in the day too.
It’s not always been simple; some days I feel I could have taken more but for the most part the Every Budy 2400mg spray is enough for me. Thank you, Mel and team! I can honestly say I feel part of the family with you guys!

Eve, a happy sleeper x


Every Budy Customer since Nov 2021

I had dipped in and out of CBD for a year or so before finding Every Budy in Spitalfields Market. We discussed my success with it (well, the fact it had worked sometimes!) and I learned how to actually test to find what’s right for me. The lady was so helpful. I felt like I was chatting to a friend – no salesy stuff. I bought a slightly stronger CBD Day oil (2400mg) than id tried before and followed their steps. Guess what it worked! I’m so grateful. I had times where I would just breakdown due to anxiety. It’s different now, I feel myself again! I have recommended Every Budy to friends because I feel like they are actual people – not just some random online company. I like that and I am a happy Every Buddie! Thank you, team, at Every Budy.


Every Budy Customer since Aug 2022

I visited these guys in Spitalfields Market and I’ve not looked back since. I can honestly say that they have completely changed my life. I used to be so stressed and anxious about literally any scenario big or small, not doing my day-to-day tasks and chores on time or even answering the phone. I knew I was being irrational, but I couldn’t help but stress or worry.
I started taking one dose of their 25mg gummy bears (which are absolutely delicious by the way, literally my favourite sweets) per day and I immediately noticed a difference. I didn’t feel high or anything like that, I just for once felt clear, rational and stress free. The guys down there are really friendly and know what they’re talking about. Without a doubt I’ll continue to use them and would 110% recommend them to a friend. 10/10 for taste, product, service and for changing my life!

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