Once upon a time we were Green Active - now we welcome you to Every Budy!

Where’s Green Active?

In December 2022 we rebranded from Green Active to Every Budy®

We didn’t feel that our name represented our mission. We believe Everybody can benefit from CBD and we wanted an image that brought CBD out of the medicine cabinet and into the mainstream. This is how Every Budy was born.

Just the look! We are still the same dedicated team we were before, the products are the same and our life changing CBD remains the same.

The gummies just have a snazzy new look, simply pick your favourite and away we go!

Our CBD Oil has been designed in the way we always intended it to be (all ingredients remain unchanged):

Green Active Natural Flavour = Every Budy Night Oil. We have always added a little bit of Linalool which makes it the perfect night time partner (if you take it during the day just expect a deeper relaxation compared to the day oils).

Green Active Citrus Flavour = Every Budy Day Oil Citrus.

Green Active Berry Flavour = Every Budy Day Oil Berry.

Every Budy Day oils will allow for a sense of calm and relief while being more uplifting to help you focus and perform at the level you need to.

If you’re still missing Green Active, drop us a message or a call and we can welcome you as one of our Every Buddies!

Best Wishes,

Every Budy

We prefer the personal touch, call us for support and tailored advice on 07534 115818
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