CBD Day Oil Berry – Super Strong 4800mg

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CBD Day Oil is perfect for creating balance and maintaining your day on your terms. This Berry flavour CBD Oil has been enriched with natural terpenes to help support your daytime routine.

All our CBD oils have been formulated with MCT Oil (Coconut Oil) which gives a smooth taste whilst offering faster CBD absorption.

The number 1 rule to success with CBD is getting your dosage right. We offer a range of strengths to suit all levels and the guidance you need to succeed.



600mg is our Low Strength CBD Oil and provides 8.6mg of CBD per spray.

1200mg is our Medium Strength CBD Oil and provides 17.4mg of CBD per spray.

2400mg is our Strong CBD Oil and provides 34.8mg of CBD per spray.

4800mg is our Super Strong CBD Oil and provides 68.8mg of CBD per spray.


Each bottle contains 70 sprays.


How To Take CBD

  • Simply remove the cap, spray under your tongue and leave for 90 – 120 seconds before swallowing


  •  It usually takes 40 minutes for a user to feel the benefits from CBD, but some people can feel the benefits sooner. To ensure it works for you please follow the advice below.


  • Our experience (over 40,000 happy CBD consultations!) has taught us that most people will feel the benefit from CBD between 20mg – 50mg in a single dose.


  • Some people may require more or less CBD than others to receive the benefits. Follow the steps below to ensure it works for you.


How To Find Your Dosage

We know first hand how beneficial CBD can be and we know exactly how to get the most from it. Please follow the advice below to ensure it delivers for you too:

STEP 1: Take 1 spray per day for 5 days.

STEP 2: If after 5 days you have not received the benefit you were looking for then increase your daily dose to 2 sprays and continue for another 5 days.

STEP 3: If after a further 5 days you have not received the benefit you were looking for then increase your daily dose to 3 sprays  and continue for another 5 days.

STEP 4: By now you will have been taking CBD for 15 days. If you have got to this stage, followed the advice in steps 1-3, and haven’t felt the benefit you are looking for then we advise to increase the strength of your product and repeat the steps above.


Every Budy is different


So we have some extra tips to help you succeed

Keep a diary so you know exactly how many mg’s of CBD you are taking each day.

What works for a friend may be different to what works for you.

CBD has been proven to be more effective when taken daily – it’s like storing up wellbeing in our bodies that’s always running around looking out for us!

When taking CBD orally (that’s under your tongue) it usually takes around 40 minutes to start working its magic but don’t be surprised if it happens sooner.

SPEAK TO US! We are available 7 days a week and we are deeply passionate about helping people.


Each bottle of Everybudy CBD comes with the following Guarantee


  • Certified Zero THC 
  • Every single batch is lab tested so you know EXACTLY what is in each bottle
  • All of our hemp is grown to Organic standards within the EU
  • All of our products are proudly Vegan Friendly 


Additional Important Information

Ingredients: Broad Spectrum hemp extract (CBD), MCT Oil and terpenes (Linalool, beta-Carophellene, Myrcene, Limonene, alpha Pinene, Citral, beta Pinene and Terpinolene).

You are advised not to exceed 70mg of CBD per day.

CBD is classed as a Food Supplement and should be taken as part of a varied and balanced diet.

Seek medical advice if pregnant or breastfeeding.

This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly.-


CBD Day Oil

The perfect daily supplement to introduce balance and wellness into your every day routine.

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